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Tuscan tradition and flavours

We love sharing all our knowledge and our traditional recipes with other people during our cooking courses.

The Kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen!

I am Alfonsina (known as Fonzie), and I have always been really fond of good food and cooking. When I was just a little girl, I loved watching my mother Rita while making fresh pasta, cooking meat and taking care of her guests.

She has always worked paying painstaking attention to every detail: this is one of the clearest childhood memories I still keep jealously in my mind and one of the feature I can still find in her. Currently, my mother, who everyone now call Nonna Rita (Grandma Rita), helps me during the cooking courses we organize for our guests: we love sharing our knowledge and our traditional recipes, but what makes us particularly proud is looking at them while eating the pasta they have just learnt to prepare.

That is just one of the wonderful moments you can live here with us. Before starting this business, I used to work in the Florentine restaurant I ran together with my husband; despite our 200 clients per day and the catering service we have provided to Gucci for several years, I have always put my heart in my job. For example, every day you can ask for your breakfast and have something different from the previous morning as we made all our cakes daily. Our cooking is both traditional and innovative: it recalls the typical Tuscan dishes, but at the same time it has several renewed elements. I love trying and tasting new things as well as reinterpreting the dishes with which I grew up. For example, have you ever heard about the traditional Tuscan sauce made with chicken liver?

After countless combinations, I finally modified this recipe adding some figs glazed with wine, some walnuts and cinnamon: I will wait for you for dinner to taste it!

As we prepare different cakes every day, you can ask for your breakfast and try something different every morning

Fonzie’s secret recipes

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Such an evolution has made us extremely proud as it allowed many local people get to know and appreciate our food and our simple and genuine work.