Il Faeto

Chicken liver Pate with Wine-glassed Figs and Walnuts

Wine-glassed Chicken liver Pate with walnut


400g of Chicken Liver
250ml Red Tuscany Wine
1 small glass of “Vin Santo”
150 Gr Buttert
1 Onion
2 Carrots
Stalk of celery
50g of Walnut
100g of Dried Figs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


First thing: soak the figs in Red Wine for a night. After that you have to chop the vegetables, place them into a pot with a few drops of Olive Oil and stew them. At this point you have to parboil the Chicken Livers in boiling water just for a few minutes and add them to the vegetables.Taste the mixture and adjust salt and pepper. Pour everything in the blender, add the butter and blend thoroughly. Then, add dry figs that have been cooked in red wine. Finally add crumble wholenuts. Move the mixture in a rectangular tray and cover with kitchen film. Serve it on top of Bruschetta with mixed radicchio.

Buon appetito!